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Kahakai is a traditional Hawaiian outrigger canoe racing club located at Mother’s Beach in Long Beach. The club has been competing in outrigger racing for 27 years. Our mission is to foster recognition, support and preservation of traditional Hawaiian outrigger canoe racing. We are committed to providing our members with opportunities to race at all levels of competition; from local regional events to world championships in junior, open, master and senior masters divisions.

Kahakai Battle of the BreakWater Race –

Kahakai hosts a very unique 6-man iron race in Long Beach each summer. The race is attended by thousands of people from up and down the coast of California. The 6-man iron race is a vibrant local event that is uniquely Long Beach. As well as exciting finishes the race enables spectators to view the end of the race in Marine Stadium. The event is a part of Long Beach’s “Sea Festival” and is very well attended. 

Sponsorship Levels –

Consistent with its commitment to encourage and preserve outrigger canoe racing and to promote international Ho’okuku (competition), Kahakai actively organizes and promotes athletic and educational events and training in this traditional Hawaiian ocean sport for the benefit of the organization’s members and the local community. The club is seeking sponsorships to fund these local events and trainings. Kahakai is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization; all donations will be fully tax deductible. In order to make our event a success and continue the success of the club, Kahakai offers levels of sponsorship:

Canoe Sponsor $15,000  – Complete custom graphics promoting only your busines.  A hospitality area at the Kahakai Race, and your logo / web link posted on our website. The 46’ long canoes are out on the water daily in the Long Beach area and are also hauled up and down the coast to races all summer. This is an unique way to advertise your business to thousands of motorists.

Gold Sponsor $2500 (2 Years) – Large company logo on both sides of our canoes and honorable mention at the race and your logo / web link posted on our website. 

Silver Sponsor $1,000 (2 Years) – Honorable mention at the race and your organization’s name published on our website.

You may also donate merchandise (shirts, hats, etc,) for our raffle or make a donation in any amount you choose to our club. Thank you for supporting Outrigger Racing and welcome to the Kahakai family. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Photo Credit: Cody Silverster