Join Kahakai Outrigger Canoe Club

All Ages Welcome (Age Divisons)

12 and Under Girls - 12 and Under Boys

14 and Under Girls - 14 and Under Boys

16 and Under Girls - 16 and Under Boys

Juniors Women (19 and under) - Juniors Men (19 and under)

Novice Women(All ages 1st yr paddlers) - Novice Men (All ages 1st yr paddler)

Open Women (age 20+ ) - Open Men (age 20+ )

Masters Women (age 40+) - Masters Men (age 40+) 

Senior Master Women (age 50+) - Senior Master Men (age 50+)

Golden Masters Women (age 60+) - Golden Masters Men (age 60+)

Kahakai Outrigger Canoe Club Dues

New Paddlers - Off Season $100

We have an off season paddling program for new paddlers. It is called “Winter Lites” and is held each Saturday from October through March. It is a great way to have an extended trial period with our club and outrigger paddling. The New Paddler cost will be credited to the yearly dues if you continue for the novice race season. 

Novice Paddlers - Full Season $350  

Adult (18+)  Dues-$400

Yearly membership in Kahakai includes all SCORA fees for the Iron races, 9-man and Catalina races. Members may be able to store OC-1 canoes in our shed when space becomes available. Yearly membership dues are paid by the 1st of April.  OC1 Shed dues are paid any July 1 of each year.

Restorative Paddler Membership $200

This year we will also be offering a Restorative Paddler membership. This is set up for  paddlers who want to develop skills and conditioning or who need time to heal from an injury and would not be able to race this year. Paddlers will be able to join in on casual off season paddling as well as community events. Restorative Paddlers will be able to join race season practices with the coaches permission. This is a great way to get/stay in shape for next year’s season or to stay involved with the club while rehabilitating an injury.

It’s free to tryout paddling with our club. Please send us an email and introduce yourself and set up a time to paddle with us. You can come out two or three trips and we’d then ask you to decide if you would like to join our team.

We have equipment for you to use. We have paddles to loan out. Most people buy a paddle if they join the team but you don’t need to do that right away.

You need to know how to swim. While you don’t need to be a distance swimmer, you do need to be comfortable in the water and be able to swim and tread water. 

Canoes tip over- they do that. If the canoe tips over - you will end up in the water- You have to remain calm, check on your teammates, help right the canoe, bail out the water and be able to pull yourself back into the canoe. 

We are a racing club. While we like to have social and community events, our focus is racing. Recreational paddling is enjoyable but is secondary. Please feel free to join our club and attend events and paddle with us but if your goal is strictly recreational there may be other clubs or sports set up for that purpose.

The best time to start is from October through March Earlier is better - if you’re new to the sport -join anytime in those six months to have the best experience. You’ll be ready to race the next spring and have a fun and successful race season.