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MARCH 2020
Below are a number of links to core building exercises and routines. Dig into these routines and exercises and find some that work for you, then are 100's more on the web to explore!
IN ADDITION to these links (and YOUR commitment to 30 minutes a day of strictly core), be sure to also compliment these routines with further cardio (running, biking, erg, jumping rope, etc.)  And by all means get out there on an OC-1 if you have access to one.
Let's all make it a point to build our CORE STRENGTH.

APRIL 2020

If you need some variety or want to add in more work-out time, try the following 4-day workout plan.  They take less than 30 minutes each. Be sure to watch those videos to understand the proper technique for each exercise.


WARM UP: (2 Rounds)

Jump Rope x 1 min

Leg Swings- Front/Back x10 each

Leg Swings- Side x10 each

Inch Worms x10

WORK-OUT: (3 Rounds)

Squat Jumps x15

Mountain Climbers x40 each

Jumping Lunges x10 each

Burpee x10

Reverse Plank + Alternating Toe Touch x15 each



WARM UP: (2 Rounds)

Jumping Jacks x1 min

Arm Circles Forward x10

Arm Circles Backwards x10

Prone Swimmers x10

WORK-OUT: (3 Rounds)

Decline Push Ups x15 (feet on stool, chair or couch)

Tricep Dips x15 (Hands on stool, chair or couch)

Plank Shoulder Taps x10 each

Prone I-Y-T’s x15 of each

Plank Ups x10 each



WARM UP: (2 Rounds)

High Knees x30 sec + Butt Kicks x30 sec

Body Weight Squat x10

Frankenstein Kicks x10 each

WORK-OUT: (3 Rounds)

Pistol Squat x10 each

Lateral Lunges x10 each

Step Up x10 each (use chair, stool or couch)

Elevated Single Leg Glute Bridges x12 each

Bulgarian Split Squats x10 each (use chair, stool or couch)



WARM UP: (2 Rounds)

Jump Rope x2 min

Lunge & Twist x10 each

Slide to Side Lunges x10 each

WORK-OUT: (3 Rounds)

Tuck Jump x15

Side Plank + Knee Tuck x10 each

Skaters x20 each

Plank + Knee to Opposite Elbow x12 each

Reverse Lunge + Hop x10 each

V-Ups x15


Your Body

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